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Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis Rob Ellis
MSc BEd DipMathsEd CertEd

− ICT Mark Assessor
− Naace Advocate
− ThinkUKnow Ambassador
− SEGfL Associate

MSc BEd DipMathsEd CertEd

Rob Ellis has more than 30 years experience as a teacher and senior leader in schools. More recently he has worked as a local authority officer.

When last inspected by Ofsted the report identified both his "co-ordination and management of ICT" and "arrangements for recording pupils' ICT capability" as "excellent" and schemes of work as "high quality". Leadership was described as "outstanding".

"Well above the national expectations"
The report also made reference to "very positive" pupil responses. Attainment was "high" and achievement varied from "very good to excellent" by the time children left the school and was "well above the national expectations".

As well as ICT Rob had previously led history and mathematics as well as being an advisory teacher for mathematics and is well placed to advise on effective use of ICT as a learning tool. He has taught every subject in the curriculum at one time or another.

Vast experience
His breadth of experience ranges from delivery of INSET, both short and long courses, with a wide variety of foci to substantial procurements such as an LA wide VLE.

He has worked with an array of organisations both public and private such as Ultralab as a teacher researcher, QCA on onscreen testing and the South East Grid for Learning (SEGfL) as his LA's representative on its steering group.

Over the different periods of his career he has been involved with data (and its transition to information) in a number of ways, both as a school data manager and at LA level.

Over the last few years a major focus has been e-safety and as a ThinkUKnow Ambassador Rob has delivered training to colleagues, school staff and governors, parents and roughly 9,000 young people. He has been a member of his Local Safeguarding Children Board's (LSCB) Executive Group working to develop a strategy and action plan. He is interested in the whole range of issues including digital literacy that can be integrated into a school's delivery of learning as it increasingly involves the collection, interpretation, synthesis and creation of knowledge.

His interests include:

  • Educational transformation and 21st century learning
  • Computing
  • Technology for learning and teaching
  • E-safety
  • Information literacy
  • Collaborative tools
  • Web 2.0 as storytelling
  • The future!


To read Rob's blog go to https://icttalk.wordpress.com/
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